The Importance of Website Localisation to a Growing Brand

Any business that is looking to grow by leaving its native country and opening stores or offices in new countries and territories in different parts of the world will have to ensure that all of their branding and marketing endeavours are received in the intended manner by the targeted potential customers. Localising your website for a global audience is the perfect start for the modern day company.

In order to make your move into a new country a successful one you’ll have to be sure to connect with your new audience. It’s about making a good first impression in a new marketplace and hitting the ground running so that you can begin to grow and thrive as you have done in your native country.

A business website is the first place that any potential customer will visit first. Your potential customers will be looking at your products and services, finding out information about your brand and company ideals and seeing if there is enough there to implore them to become your customer. This decision is made through the text and messages that are present, the colours that are part of your branding, the fonts that are used and many other little bits of imagery and information. Get any one of these things wrong within a new culture and it could spell trouble for your chances of making a successful transition into a new market.

Increase Sales in a New Country – The reason you want to expand your business into a new country is to increase your overall sales figures. If a potential customer in a new country that you are operating in can’t find the information that they are looking for easily, or there is something offensive in their culture apparent on your website, they are unlikely to become a customer of yours. Localising your website to each new territory and country allows potential customers to find what they are looking for and be given accurate information that includes the nuances of local language and dialect. Simplifying the sales process to suit each new country will help you to cut out obstacles and increase your sales.

Be Attentive to a New Audience – One way to build trust and long-lasting relationships is to be authentic and actually care about your customers. If a new country reacts in a completely different way to your native country in terms of how the sales process takes place successfully you should tweak your approach. Show your new audience that you aren’t just a multi-national company after the big bucks, but that you really care about them and their country. Show understanding of local culture and customers and make sure that you go the extra mile so that they are sure to choose you over the competition. Don’t make a costly translation error.

Double Check Local Traditions – Every country has its own dialects, rituals and customs. If you are opening up for business in a new country make sure you double check that you are marketing in a way that doesn’t offend your new audience. A term or phrase that is funny in one culture might be offensive in another so localising your website using specialist translators is the only way to be sure you are not making a costly faux pas before you’ve opened your doors.