Save Time on Your Next Flight

We’ve all done it: you get the airport and think you have plenty of time to get through security and make your flight. Then you see the ominous LED sign: “Parking Lot Full” and you’re sent scrambling in circles on the airport roads. Now there’s a simple solution to your parking angst: it’s called About Airport Parking, and you can download the About Airport Parking coupon to your phone and make a parking reservation when you book your flight!

About Airport Parking is brilliant in its simplicity: simply download the app and sign in. Then all you have to do in choose your airport and dates and the app will show you the parking rates as well as choices of lots. That way you can expect convenient parking close to your terminal, with a shuttle that will take you right to the door. The company has partnered with parking lots at 16 major U.S. airports, so you can expect to save up to 70 percent off the standard rates. With the About Airport Parking coupon you can save even more!

Your rate is guaranteed, and so is your allotted parking spot. Even better, About Airport Parking vets all their partner lots, so you can rest assured knowing your vehicle will be safe under top notch security while you travel.

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure it can be stressful. Itineraries, check-ins, clearing security, and boarding your plane can be time consuming and frustrating. By using the About Airport Parking coupon you can take parking out of the equation because your spot will be reserved. You won’t have to worry about the rates changing while you’re gone, either because you lock in your discounted rate when you make your reservation.

When you get back from your trip there’s an extra bonus: you won’t have to remember where you parked, because the info is stored on your account. Grab your luggage from the baggage claim, hop on the shuttle, and you’ll be at your vehicle in minutes and on the road to home. Using About Airport Parking really makes sense, doesn’t it?