Internet Within The Service Of Mankind

Online may destroy your belief – this is actually the conclusion of the study showing that the rapid loss of the amount of religious individuals the U.S.A. since 1990 is correlated towards the continuously growing number of individuals online.

Allen Downey, Professor of Information Technology in the Franklin W. Olin College, provided a solution to this. He examined data collected via a general social questionnaire that was observing religious attitudes within the U.S.A. since 1972. He figured that there have been several factors that contributed that there’s a decreasing quantity of Americans who consider themselves religious, probably the most questionable being using the web. The final outcome was this was the actual reason the amount of individuals with religious affiliations had decreased during the last 2 decades.

The above mentioned paragraph is the start of articles printed on the news portal, that we was heavily surprised with. Allen Downey covers religion as though it had been a shopping item, and also the faithful were consumers with holes within their pockets. Belief isn’t a cold record number that may be examined through cold record questionnaires, but instead the sacred the place to find the soul, which liberates individuals who stray with the dark by way of divine light. Belief resides in each and every individual who is really a genuinely free individual, and there’s no social questionnaire able to peeking in to the human soul. When Mr. Downey yet others like him state that the web is the reason for the decreasing number of individuals who visit places of worship along with other temples, he should take particular notice in the scriptures, since the Boy of God teaches us that God is within everyone that does best to others. A great individual is the finest temple of belief.

I’m asking this information technology professor whether faith’s holy mission is not the distributing of truth, humanity and justice. And also the Internet is strictly the area that gives chance to a lot of humanists and good-will individuals to spread individuals noble values which make us human to begin with. With no Internet, there’d not be any Google, no Yahoo, no Gmail, LinkedIn, Amazon . com Kindle (an oasis to poets and authors), and numerous worldwide liberty-propagating portals. Let me prove the validity of my claim via a personal example. Because of the Internet, I’ve produced this site that contains numerous my articles, essays, poetry, in addition to books printed at e-shop, by which I talk about empathy, justice, humanity, ideas for the greater good, love, dreams, suffering and sorrows (lest we forget that the tear has got the same taste and color around the faces of everybody, no matter race, gender, or religion).

They are works – essays, poetry, plays and novels – which embrace all individuals noble values that belief is feeding on. Obviously, individuals works also discuss avarice, insensitivity, vanity, cunning, corruption, nepotism, and all sorts of illnesses which are destroying a persons soul and belief. Yes, these works may not be “bestsellers”, however they were written in the heart, for that hearts of good-will people, and they’d never stand an opportunity to get printed in pro-regime media controlled by all sorts of dictators and political castes, or perhaps in “free” big media of magnates whom my works are unmasking.

I shall repeat my question to professor Downey: may be the Internet killing belief in people whether it offers the freedom to indicate avarice, corruption, slave trade, dictators, along with other evils that dwell within mankind? Existence teaches us the Internet doesn’t destroy belief! (Sadly, there always sick individuals who will misuse a noble factor such as the Internet for his or her dishonorable and deviant issues, however the Internet isn’t responsible rather, it’s weak-spirited those who are utilizing it.) You have the authority to ask if the Internet is not a thorn within the side of individuals who wish to kill belief within people and shackle them in dejection, primitivism and also the darkness of ignorance. How about we they are saying it loud, like pope Francis did, that it’s avarice that’s destroying belief?

Individuals who wish to monopolize belief, as though it had been a shopping item, ought to know that nobody has the authority to appropriate belief, because everyone, like a free individual, has got the freedom to select, which is the only method for belief to flourish within people. Basically would claim that i’m the finest one of the faithful, I’d disavow Him, since i too am battling the 2 selves within, and regardless of how mellifluously I stay with my belief, vanity frequently draws me from it and in to the darkness. By acknowledging this to myself, I get nearer to belief.