Information Technology Intervention – Smartphone Addiction

Your television gets dusty, your laptop gets rusty, as well as your telephone is…what is a ‘telephone’?? The only real bit of technology earning your time nowadays is the Smartphone. It’s like whenever your four-year-old dog who had been when your ‘baby’ was shoved aside once the real newborn was introduced home. Next to nothing can stand facing the Superman of knowledge technology any longer.

Years back when texting was created, it had been such as this magical factor enabling you to have a chatroom or Im from your computer and use it your mobile phone. Dreams came true! Now combine the addiction of ‘mobile Instant Messaging’ with games in glorious HD quality, checking e-mails within the Dunkin Donuts drive-through, and posting in your Facebook wall that you’re within the Dunkin Donuts drive-through playing Bejeweled –it’s almost impossible to individuals only twenty years ago!

With all of this convenience and fun in the users hand of the hands what you know already people wouldn’t obsess over using the formerly pointed out features every time they felt enjoy it. Au contraire! People really seem to get incredibly offended when they’re told, “you won’t ever focus on me since you will always be checking your e-mail in your Blackberry” or “forget about texting before you finish all of your homework”. How come it appear like Smartphone’s have grown to be “another lady” or “the brand new drug”? It is simply a very efficient approach to communication and entertainment, no? What is the real harm? It isn’t a real drug and it is not really anyone to cheat in your lover with, could it be?

Possibly Smartphones would be the gateway to more severe matters that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Let us list a couple of negative situations Smartphones have produced lately: texting while driving like a distraction has wiped out and hurt countless people around the globe, business owners’ bloodstream pressure is more and more high because of their Smartphone’s to not get enough signal strength on a trip, and couples ending relationships simply by altering rapport status on Facebook, texting, e-mailing and Twittering far too frequently.

What on the planet were people doing BEFORE Smartphones? Their lives should have been incredibly dull and much more demanding, as well as their eyes, necks, fingers and hands must will be in a whole lot worse shape than they are, right? Wrong! While there’s great value in innovation, that one particular invention is one thing that we understand we are able to do without yet still depend on as our primary supply of entertainment and communication.

Our poor, overworked opposable thumbs didn’t evolve when preparing for twenty-first century cellular devices. However, our Smartphones still allow us to find our way home when lost on the highway, tell a family member held in a 3 o’clock meeting that the water broke, and inform us reports more miners were saved seconds ago. I suppose the Smartphone is not so bad in the end.