A Comprehensive Guide to Purchase DVR Cameras

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is what a surveillance system uses to record the feeds of all the cameras that are connected to it. Cameras that connect to this digital video recorder are known as DVR Cameras. These cameras aren’t ordinary cameras as they need to be compatible with the DVR setting. If secure cameras aren’t purchased, the chances of the camera getting hacked are higher. Hikvision DVR backdoor cameras are highly secure and are the most secure options.

Here are a few points that you should consider before buying a DVR Camera:

  1. Wired or Wireless?

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the connecting type. This depends upon your DVR. If your DVR supports wireless connectivity, only then go with a camera that is wireless or else you should go with wired DVR cameras. Wired DVR cameras are supported by all DVRs. Therefore, if you aren’t sure about the compatibility, go with a wired DVR camera.

  1. FPS of the Camera Should Match the DVR:

Know the FPS of your DVR. FPS stands for frames per second. The camera should also send captured images at the same FPS as your DVR records them or else many frames could go missing from your DVR recording. For example, if a 4 Channel DVR has 100 FPS recording rate, then each camera should record at a rate of 25 FPS. If your camera records at more than 25 FPS, many camera frames would be missing from the recording. Your DVR can record at a higher FPS though.

  1. Do You Need Audio As Well?

Cameras generally don’t record audio. If you need audio to be recorded as well, you need to purchase special DVR cameras that also record audio. These cameras would have a special audio cable that comes through the camera. This audio cable has to be attached to your DVR. Some DVRs don’t come with audio inputs, so you need to ensure that the DVR you have has audio inputs before purchasing a DVR camera with built-in audio support.

  1. Viewing Angle of the Camera:

The DVR should be capable of storing the recordings by your camera. This depends upon the viewing angle of the camera as well. If the camera has a viewing angle of more than 180 degrees, then the DVR should be 3D video recording capable. Therefore, buy the camera after you ensure that your DVR can record videos with that viewing angle or program your DVR to record according to your camera’s viewing angle.

Follow these guidelines if you are planning to purchase a DVR camera.