Build a website for your business

Online presence

In today’s world where it has become compulsory for businesses to have a website, it is crucial to ensure your website is customer friendly. It is not enough to have a website but you need to have a website that caters to the need and requirement of the visitor.

A lag in the loading of the page or a little difficulty in finding the contact details might make your customers lose patience and leave the website. Hence, it is crucial to have a website that is highly effective to rope in customers.

Your website design must attract visitors, provide them with relevant information and turn them into your clients.

We, at Verz Design are professionals when it comes to e-commerce website design. We are here to help you capture the attention of your potential clients.

Our specialty

Eight years of experience in the field have given us great exposure to the trends and clients. This exposure has made us to be well-versed in matters related to the web. We know the latest developments and findings when it comes to highly effective e-commerce website design.

We adhere to our core values when it comes to delivery of service. We are highly focused in delivering the best service by adhering to our core values which are integrity, accountability, service-oriented, teamwork and humility at all times.

What do we do?

Apart from web development services which include corporate web design, creative and interactive, premium web design, e-commerce, custom programming, we also provide various other services. Among them are copywriting services which include web copywriting, newsletters, blogging, and social media posts, graphic design services which include logo and corporate identity, print design and digital media, marketing services which include advertising and promotion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Facebook marketing and social media marketing and lastly, consultation services which include sales and marketing, branding, custom development, Capability Development Grant (CDG) as well as productivity and innovation grant (PIC grant).

Client Testimonial

‘Glenn did well as a Project Manager, on the ball and manages to capture the ideas I want. I will work with him on future projects. Overall, had a good experience’- Junxiang Ng from Kian Hua Motors Pte Ltd.